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Dr Sonia Sharma #Indian/Fiction/AFTERLIFE/The BATTLE Ahead #article 370

Dr Sonia Sharma #Indian/Fiction/AFTERLIFE/The BATTLE Ahead #article 370Dr Sonia Sharma #Indian/Fiction/AFTERLIFE/The BATTLE Ahead #article 370

Poetry: my 1st tryst with writing / my poems/ Author Afterlife






Time is the Tide

That comes only once

So make every moment useful

Time is the Incentive

That God gives you

To enjoy all that’s beautiful

Time is the Money

If we value it

One can use it as one needs

Time is the Earnings

Of a lifelong struggle

A reward of all your deeds. 






Remembering is heart’s own way

Of rewinding, the threads of memories

And shaking them free of the dust

The Dust of Time

Remembering is heart’s own wish

To bring the shadows of past alive

Before they disappear in the mist

The Mist of Time

Remembering is heart’s own gesture

To look back to the shores once combed

Before they’re washed off with the tides

The Tides of Time

Remembering is heart’s own pleasure

To feel the warmth again

Before, engulfed in the clouds

 The Clouds of Time

Remembering is the heart’s own tragedy

Be reminded of the pain of loss

Before the time heals the wounds

The Wounds of Time







Driving down the memory lane

Rewinding the hands of time

In the era we merged together

Dwell on the beauty of my past

I pull out a handful of marbles

Of each ‘n’ every loving thought

Run to the places, I admire

Cling to the people, I adore

In the relationships, I cherish

Among the friends, forever to last

Then I become aware of each marble 

Telling a story of its own

Bathing in the pool of affection

Each friend of mine ‘s shown

I bring back the life in shadows

Our fading emotions still cast

With strife, I venture back to reality

To the uncertainty, I ran from

With shaking hands, I put back all

The marbles & tighten the strings

Of my memory bag

To see me through another journey

Down the memory lane

I hold it close to my Lonely Heart.






Doesn’t it feel like yesterday?

When we were herded together

Converging from all extremes

Joining under one shelter

And I asked myself

‘Do I want this, Forever?’

Nurturing a strange feeling

Of a sudden alienation

Though glued to the crowd

Still fostering the separation

And I asked myself

‘Would it be this, Forever?’

Inhibitions slipped away

We began to know each other

Amidst the tiffs & fun times

Just happened to grow closer

And I asked myself

‘Would I like this, Forever?’

People we met as strangers

Got them for our friend

A smile, a pat, a hug, when need

With a shoulder to lend

 And I asked myself

‘Do I deserve this, Forever?’

Today when we stand together

In happiness & gay

Just to realize, it’s time

For us to be pulled away

And I ask myself

‘Would I miss this, Forever?’

At the threshold of leaving

One another with a pain

We part with a wish in heart

Somewhere we meet again

Today I know for myself

‘I’ll remember this, Forever?’ 

Tomorrow it will be over

Life might just seem in shamble

But the moments we spent together

Are Eternal & Indelible

And, I pledge to myself

‘I’ll cherish this – Forever!’

for poetry love, an ode to the famous poetry writer poems author






So fresh as new dawn

Perfuming from heaven above

So deep as ocean Pacific

The feelings of True Love

As pleasant as a cool eve

Seems rare as a chance

Colorful like a rainbow

Beloved single glance

So thrilling as a streaming river

Increasing the heart beat

Exciting as some winning

When, for first time thee meet

Aimless as a horse run

Alone in a busy mart

As gloomy as a cloudy night

Life, when he’s far apart

Endless as a circle

Charming as the blooming flowers

A ray of hope in darkness

The joys, of waiting hours.






From a world close ‘n’ compact

Set afoot to gauge the rest

To the landscapes undiscovered

To the depths, those are unsaid.

Nurturing a burning desire

Searching for the new horizons

A foothold, before astray being

A prey to the festering demons

Tending to the wounds of heart

Walking on tight string

Just as I was to give up

Heard an inner voice screaming

The right ‘n’ wrong ‘s all there

Open your eyes & see

Taking backseat won’t help

You gotta stand tall & break free. 

It’s the two-way play for life

If dignity, you rate a must

An era of blatant realities

And blunt truth, now rust.

Good’s good no more

Your mettle, you gotta prove

Fair or evil come what may

Your status’s what they approve.

So life’s no fun in the sun

Gotta bear the burns ‘n’ heat

‘coz once you set out leading

Behind you the world repeats.

Though, it’s lonely at the top

But if, still nurture the desire

Hold on to morals once valued

Rekindle the extinguishing fire

It’s about time you shot back

For miseries of the primitive hour

Change is what system needs now

So, do it when you have the power.

Before millions go through the ordeals

Your dying principles had to face

To redeem your deprived conscious

And that’s how you’ll finally BREAKFREE. 

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Silence, solicitude, aloof, lonely, poem, poetry, writer.


Sometimes in the noisy masses

So lonely does she feel

Eyes, looking for friendly glimpses

For someone, the lips appeal.

A world of fun ‘n’ laughter

Still makes her feel aloof

Abscessed & shattered individuality

Gives damaging thoughts a roof.

Killing the self in distress

But does pretend to live

Caresses, for the glooms of heart

Sunshine, for the world to give.

Frolics done tale of past

Relations ’ve lost the relevance

Away from the norms of life

Digging a grave of silence




woman, distress, misogyny, poem,poetry, writer,


A woman is like a cigarette

Lighted, smoked & left.

To burn in soot to ashes

Or crushed miserably to cleft.

Individuals die once

She dies dawn to eve

Commends the manly power 

But in turn is put to grieve.


Her heart is full of love

Not everyone can brace

More often, looked ‘n’ embraced for 

Her physical charm & grace.


For ages, she’s been treated

As a thing merely of sex

Her soul ‘n’ spirit ‘n’ psyche

Overpowered by the Rex.

She’s a woman, she’s a man

From the woman, for the woman

But it’s still tough for her 

To understand this inhumane. Author Afterlife




Betrayal, mistrust, deceit, poem, poetry, writer.


Saw a guy wandering

In the lane of a pretty gal

Approaching for her friendship

Took her to above of all.

Innocent beauty flushed

‘n’ drew a facial frown

The blue of eyes twinkled

Floated the hair brown.

After some no’s & not’s 

Agreed the poor fellow

Driving the youth on thorns

Still dreaming of the willow.

In the sun ‘n’ in the cloud

Enjoyed the warmth of heart

A day in sheer insanity

Her passions, to him she lost.

Love’s there no more

Sights have sweepingly changed

She’s now seen in agony

And he’s got estranged.

In grief ‘n’ out of distress

Led to the way of death

Stunned, saw him in another lane

The poor Lost her Breath. 




Happiness, wonder, poem, Poetry, writer


Whenever I sit idle

& Begin to think of past

I wonder why those days

Of carelessness couldn’t last.

How the joys of my life

Changed their coursing way

Imparting me new endeavors

New dreams & a different day.

Carefree laughter ceased

Coy smiles took the place

Ignorant expressions faded

Shyness, had it replace.

Youth, someway came closer

As a stranger, could barely realize

How the feelings of young heart

Someone somehow defies.

Today when I compare 

The days of past ‘n’ my present

Except MYSELF is nothing

That can be put adjacent.




Love, Romance, Passion, Poem, Poetry, writer


Whenever I’m on the move 

Or sitting leisure in a groove

I feel someone love me so much

Will the time ever approve? 

Ever looking for a chance

To give my dreams a little glance

I feel my passions fading

Waiting for a gentle romance.

Inhaling the air in wreaths

When the day ‘n’ night meets

I feel thee very close to me

A course of mingling breathes.

Trailing twigs hinder my pace

Or wind blows hair on my face

I feel thy touch so soft on me

Thy eyes on the hidden grace.

Oh! What I look for what I want

Some thoughts ever do me enchant

I feel, I think, I wish what so

The Destiny, ever would grant?




Poor, Poem, poetry, writer


They made an association

To look out for distress women

For the ladies not aware 

Of self imposed inhumane.

They dressed well & came out

Of homes with a potent plea

Belonging to the upper crust

THE LADIES were thee.

They held their first meeting

In a five star restaurant

Enjoyed the luxury meals 

Amidst lights ‘n’ flower scent

Then came out simply laughing

Begged one for a bun ‘n’ tea

They sneered at the poor

A LADY was she.

Arranged for talks on the topic

On a lonely riverside

Had the best of time swimming

Meeting none could preside

One came close clad in rags

Had water, thirsty was thee

They all shouted in anger

A LADY was she.

Went once they on a drive

To a peaceful jungle park

In fun, went all the time

On the subject, no remark

Collided one in despair

For one that couldn’t see

They all jostled the poor

A LADY was she.

With a great pump ‘n’ show

For the work they got reward

Praises fell showering on them

The society did applaud

Stunned, when listened the distressed

Wanted, go in & see

At the gate, knocked out by keeper

A LADY was she.