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AFTERLIFE is the story of a young woman; Anna who has forgotten to live her life after she’s come out of her failed marriage. Her life revolves robotically around bringing up her daughter 

and pursuing her profession for survival, both financially and otherwise, until the day, her twisted destiny brings her face to face with Kush, another of her kind. Their similar past and their unbounded chemistry makes it challenging for them to resist each other and just when, she thought that her life had more to do than breathing, her past appears in the most unexpected ways.

How they deal with fighting their inner demons, giving in to their sexual desires, addressing their children’s psychological fears, while balancing the past and present, thereby achieving the ultimate Nirvana?

AFTERLIFE is the first of the series that takes us through the lives of people in different backdrops, who have stopped living for themselves after their failed relationships and how a spark of second chance at love, rekindles that fire and incinerates/cremates the misgivings of their dead past to bring them the divine light of a new life, their AFTERLIFE

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 ‘THE IMPERFECT LIVES’ is a collection of short stories that depict the lives of people who are less than perfect in their attributes. 

The gradations of grey in the monochromatic zone withhold the unspoken truth about the human lives that lie hidden beneath the vibrant spectrum of life that’s out on display.

Pragmatism wins with a dash of emotional seasoning where the fault lines separating the right and wrong are blurred. Thus leaving one guessing as to how far would we go in passing judgments about people without being aware of their fears, insecurities and probably a fragmented psychosis. writer books: romance romance novels

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AFTERLIFE 2 (upcoming)

AFTERLIFE 3 (upcoming)




Dr. Sonia Sharma is a doctor turned author. After a sojourn of twenty-three years as a Cosmetic Dentist and an Implantologist, creating artworks to put a smile back on the faces of her patients, she has let her words do the talking. 

Her writings are all about viewing life through its different perspectives, which finally define our emotions towards a person or a problem. 

Her forthcoming line up of work is a series of Four Romance Books titled ‘AFTERLIFE’, each independent of the other but each promising to explore the realm of Desires, one beholds in the sub-conscious, raring to explode and express at the smallest of persuasion. 

The work that’s closest to her heart is her forthcoming book titled ‘THE BATTLE AHEAD’, a story of the struggles of a girl born in her home state of Jammu and Kashmir, the troubled child of Independent India.

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