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Dr. Sonia Sharma


Sometimes, life throws surprises our way that changes the way we live or think and its then we realise what we could have been while we became something else. I always felt that becoming a doctor was my childhood dream, a profession no one forced me to choose. Turns out, I never looked inside to find if I was capable of doing something else just as well. Having achieved what I set out to, in my chosen profession for past 23 years, there remained emptiness within before I started penning down my thoughts. It felt fulfilling to the core as if I’ve found my calling. If I could be categorised as a full-fledged writer, I don’t know. It could well be just another side of me because I love the rest of me just as well, being who I had been all along.

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My writing roots

 Being a science student, you don’t think much of literature as all your energy is invested in performing at school and preparing for the entrance exams because the goal post is set at a great distance and time required to reach there is never enough. Never thought much about writing when I penned down a few couplets as a teenager with limited vocabulary and then the never-ending rigmarole of life started. The writing got confined to writing the patient prescriptions and their records, writing cheques for the clinic supplies or simply jotting down quick notes at the Dental Conferences and Lectures. That changed subsequently to helping children write what they needed while growing up. A sudden realization hit me as I filled up the college forms for my younger one. What next? The new phase of life was about to begin and with it began the zest to discover myself all over again. The ideas tumbled down and words took the shape of sentences and then the paragraphs. It was then I authored my first book and then two and then three. Well, I’m yet to publish but nonetheless, it felt liberating to know there is something that I’ve done for myself, my Me-Time indulgence. 

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In my blog, I can get experimental with my writing but I enjoy the narrative powered with a descriptive style of writing when I'm authoring a book or a novel that's fiction defined or a non fictional . Otherwise, it's just the mood on that very moment. writer / novel writer

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